Exception occurred in server


I’m developing automation robot which can open excel file and write something on it with UiPath.
But now I have one problem.
The problem is that the exception which says “exception occurred in server” occurs when the automation process is going to carry on “Excel application scope” activity.

It doesn’t occur always, maybe sometimes, besides it doesn’t occur to all excel files, but specified excel file.
However when I have opened the excel file manually, no error has occurred.

Since I’m developing in the UiPath environment with remote session(means the Uipath studio is only in a server not in local machine, and I’m developing robot remotely), so I wonder the exception says “in server”, but anyway, I can’t find the solution for avoiding this exception now.
Just in case, I have tried re-try loop for the excel application scope, but as a result, I couldn’t stop the exception(means I have tried to implement try-catch section for the scope multiply, but it didn’t work).

Anybody, could you please tell me how to avoid this exception in UiPath?


Hi @dekochan85,

The normal excel file doesn’t have problem. Below I have attached xl sheet. Can you check it ? is your xl file like this ?


Hi baulupad14,

Thank you for your prompt response!

Since the excel file is in my office(because it’s confidential info.),
I’ll check it and report the result to this forum.

In my memory, it doesn’t have any chart, but I may find some clue from it…

Anyway, thank you for your response!!


Hi baulupad14,

Although I checked the excel file but there was no suspicious point…

Besides, I have tried to let my robot below actions, but no error was occurred.

  1. use Excel application scope with the excel file.
  2. loop 1) procedure 100 times.

So for now, I have completely no clue to solve this problem…