exception.Message cut short in html email

Hello! I implemented an error notifier (due to bussiness reqs) and I am using the send smtp email activity.

The issue is that when I use html email (for better formatting) the exception.Message is cut short, instead of delivering the entire message whereas when I use a non html email the exception.Message is shown in full.

I’d be glad to hear any ideas on this.

Thank you.

it could be the case that the text has content which again will be interpretated as html code.
e.g. Selector not found looking for <webctr ..... />
we can encode such text to entities by

for enabling it do the following as well

  • Take a backup from the XAML
  • open it in a text editor e.g. notepad++
  • add following:


  • save XAML
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Do I need to do both or either?

Thank you for replying.

not sure if I got your question.

when not adding manually to XAML then the usage will lead to a validation message from the compiler. Was you asking for this?

So I’m in a bit of a hurry to do this and what I did was replace <,> and & with other characters using stringvar.replace and it pretty much worked, so your intuition why it was happening was correct.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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