Exception email sequence for hash calculating assignment

Hi, I’ve completed the assignment for calculating hash in advanced training using my knowledge and youtube tutorials. However most videos are 1+ years old and don’t contain the part where an exception email has to be sent out at the end of the process. I am stuck and have no clue how to do this part and invoke it with the rest of the workflow

May I know what challenge you are facing @Sean_Ryan1

I’m just unsure on how to make the send email sequence, I think this is the reason I’m failing the assignment

Usually in REFramework we can catch the exception with two variables
SystemException and BusinessException

If these two variables are NOT Nothing then it means it has some exception
Use a if condition in process state or at end state in REFramework and keep the mail activities in THEN BLock or if activity with condition like this
NOT SystemException is Nothing OR NOT BusinessRuleException is Nothing

Cheers @Sean_Ryan1

the result doesnt care whether you send email

Theres a common error (from older posts) where when you capture client id/name/country there are spaces. From the xaml you sent me there are unhandled spaces in your sequence so you need to handle them

you need to remove them using trim

then it will be correct

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