Exception is printing twice in throw exception activity in reframework

Hi throw exception is correctly updating but repeating after one messageCan anyone please help what is the issue?

That’s normal. Exceptions bubble up from the activity that threw it, to the parent activities.

Hi @vnsatyasunil

Can you share the error screenshot?

Check this screenshot

Do you have like this?

If Yes, One error message is form the activity and other is from the Invoke [It telling that we have the issue in this workflow]. This not an issue


no.ticket assigned to a1::ticket assigned to a1
like that it is updating in text field instead of ticket assigned to a1
In process file business rule exception through config file exceptions i am passing there like this it is coming

But that’s not an issue. Share the screenshot of the log message? @vnsatyasunil

not able to share.

io_WebDict(“siteException”)=if(io_WebDict(“siteException”).ToUpper.Trim=“NA” or io_WebDict(“siteException”).Contains(exception.Message),exception.Message,io_WebDict(“siteException”)+exception.Message)
This expression is assigned to throw activity site exception.config file error message repeating twice

That’s not an issue @vnsatyasunil . One is from the Throw activity. If you are using Invoke workflow it will repeat the message again.


not an issue but requirement is to remove that repeated message.not able to find solution how to remove that

Hi @vnsatyasunil

I don’t think so it is possible to like you need. It a feature we can’t do nothing in it.