Throw Activity Creating Status Error and not Business Exception within Set Transacation Workflow of REF Framework

I have a throw activity with the following exception: New Exception(“City not in the list of acceptable Cities”). However when the process workflow ends and set transaction status begins, the transaction is logged as a system error and a retry being, I want this to be logged as a business exception with no retry. How do I fix?

Thank you in advance.


Use new BusinessRuleException(“City…”) in your Throw Activity instead. I would also advise changing the name of the activity from Throw to CityException (as an example), so that the business exception Source and Message will be more informative.

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@JD_1992 thank you for the quick response.

I think that it is included in my activity though. See photo below.

Fair enough, but changing the name of the activity only gives you a more informative exception source, it does not change the type of exception you are throwing.

In the properties window on the right of your screenshot, you have to put the type of exception you want to throw. In your case, this would not be new Exception(), but new BusinessRuleException() instead.

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@JD_1992 as i sent you the photo i realized the problem.

The exception was not set to a businessruleexception, simply an exception


thanks for your help mate

No worries, glad to be of help!

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