Exception : Get Activity Name

If any exception is thrown, and catch in try catch block, what is the option to get Activity Name which has thrown exception. Tried to use exception.source.tostring, but this returns Package Name.
It is required so that we can debug exactly which activity is throwing an exception.

Exception.Source works, if exception is thrown in invoke workflow.
But if we are not invoking and exception is thrown in same sequence, please suggest a solution for same.

Log Messages before and after activity to ping point the exception in Output pane. You can log messages in a text file to get the same. Rename activities properly so that when you get an exception you will know the activity name as well.

You run your robot from server you can get info in log file other two options just work when you are developing in the studio

Thanks for response.
Without adding logs, how can it be handled. Activities are renamed properly. Post that If I get an exception in same sequence, how can I write in line/logs.

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If you are looking to get the activity name which has thrown the error, then i don’t think its possible. Here is something which you can try,

Rammohan B.

Thanks for update.
Have gone through that alternative. But it will always have to add an Assign Activity before each required activity. This will increase steps and maybe even execution time.
Just an query along with this, each activity added will have an impact on execution time.
Also, adding flowchart or sequences has any impact on execution time?