ExcelReadRange suddenly issues errors BC30800 & BC30198

After working well for a while, suddenly ExcelReadRange issues 2 errors:
BC30800: Method arguments must be enclosed in parentheses.
BC30198: ‘)’ expected.


Please advise

Hi @Udiar
Remove the spaces encounter in the range parameter.Delete and insert again.
Try by passing the Range path into a str variable and pass in the readrange.
Check by printing the path var before passing into it by using message box or log message.
If still you are facing issue,try by using modern excel read range activity.

Hope it helps!!

Thank you for your response.

Thank you!



To enable the Modern experience
GO to Project Panel->Settings->Enable Modern Experience

After that Go to the Activities Panel

Thank you very much. The activity is named ReadRangeX ?
Again, I get similar errors:


Give range in below format


Thanks, but it also issues similar errors.

Hi @Udiar
Can you check and show the values of variables str_Start_Line and str_Last_Line_To_Read using Message box


Hi @Udiar

The expression looks good and is working fine for me.

Can you evaluate it by passing it in variables, you can use Immediate window to window by placing breakpoint before the Read Range Activity

You can check the below video and the doc for getting more idea on the modern excel acitivties.

To read excel you can do as below:

  1. Use excel activity (select the excel to automate)
    2)Read range activity (in the range field you click on the + button and select the sheet and the cells to read)
    3)Output you will get as datatable

Activities - Use Excel File (uipath.com)