Excel vlook up

Hi all I have 2 excels
1st excel has rows s.no, office, FSC no, name, address.
2nd excel has rows like s.no, office, IEC code, FSC no, name and address.
I need to do vlook up for IEC code and if I net na in then I need to delete the rows until na
Eg if I have 100 rows and if na comes for 70 rows I need to deleted all the 70 rows

How can I go with this. Please help me. If possible please show me in a flow.

Thanks in advance

IEC its a value in witch column of witch excel? Can you be more explicit?

But i think what you want its:

If activity → YOURDATATABLEVARIABLE.AsEnumerable().Any(Function(row) Not row.Field(Of String)(“YOURCOLUMN”).Equals(“IEC”))

Then → YOURDATATABLEVARIABLE.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row) Not row.Field(Of String)(“YOURCOLUMN”).Equals(“IEC”)).CopyToDataTable()

This linq will only maintain the rows that don’t have a certain value.


But only one file has IEC…can you please explain in detail or show some screenshots