Excel value how to take from datatable

Hi Team i have 2 excel sheets with me
and i have input variable as “721st Judicial District Court, Travis County, Texas”

here in these 2 excel i want to replace Judicial District Court with JDC from Excel sheet
and in the same way i want to replace Texas with TX from States-abbreviations excel sheet. i want to check all the values in excel in both the sheets

both the sheets have 2 columns when the value matches with the input variable i want to assign the value corresponding to that in excel sheet


Input value is -“721st Judicial District Court, Travis County, Texas”

out put should be 721st JDC, Travis County, TX”

these abbevations are there in excel sheets

here input variable value will be changed everytime. and that value should be checked in excel sheets
Address.xlsx (9.1 KB)
States-abbreviations.xlsx (9.3 KB)