Excel update coulman and removal

1: read an excel file with 10 sample rows

2: The excel file should contain Name , Email , Age, Address

3: If the user age is >40 You need to print or add a data column(Age Band/Status) in the Datatable the guy(Nmae of that person) old

4: Write that excel in other file and delete the age column

Welcome @phalguna_M to the community,

If you have any sample excel file you can share…

If not i will make the sample file and attend your query soon…


Hi @phalguna_M

I have created workflow based on your requirement please find below attached file run and check I hope you will get the solution.

FilterData.zip (25.3 KB)

Kommi Jeevan.

i shared sample excel file
u can share to process steps&screen share

exc1.xlsx (9.28 KB)

check attached workflow I was modified and used your excel file.

FilterData.zip (32.9 KB)

my requirement is without using filter data table activity.add data column in datatable see posted in 3 rd line added age band /status in excel file it should contains data
2. using switch activity case1: age >40 it should print in the age band /status other wise default case it should print all in age band/status column
3. remove age data column in the excel file final step write that excel file into another

Hi @phalguna_M,

1.I am doing the changes according to your requirement…

It may take some time…


Hi @phalguna_M ,

Please check the attached zip file…
This is the input file…

And this is the output file…

I hope this is what you expected…

This is the Zip file…
AgeStatus.zip (26.4 KB)

Any doubts let me know…
If you are satisfied then mark it as solution and close the thread…


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output is fine but process is different dont go any filter data table activities u just simply show the switch condition instead of filter data table activity
u tried one excel sheet to another excel sheet but i want one excel file to another excel file

1.You can use the collection to store the rows instead of filter data table…
2.You just keep the different excel path and sheet name instead of what i gave that will work fine…


k u try the condition using switch activity cases

agevstatus file cannot open

The zip file is not opening?

U can try switch activity implementation is possible?

Switch is not technically possible in this case…

K then possible to if condition