Add data colum in excel without using invoke method

1: read an excel file with 10 sample rows

2: The excel file should contain Name , Email , Age, Address

3: If the user age is >40 You need to print or add a data column(Age Band/Status) in the Datatable the guy(Nmae of that person) old without ivoke method

4: delete the age column
5: Write that excel in other file

Use the inbuilt activity to add the column to a data table

ForEach row in DT
  If  Int32.Parse(row("Age")) > 40 Then
    row("Status") = row("Name") + " is Old"
 End If
End For

And delete the Age Column using Remove Data Column Activity -

Use Write Range activity to write the final data table to a new file.

Karthik Byggari

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can u send me this main.xml


u have done this