Excel Type Into and retrieve information

I have a process that logs into a web page and uses a type into activity to pull names for a excel sheet and types those names in a search bar then pulls the information from that profile back into the excel sheet. Sometimes this process takes hours to get all the required information.

My issue is that sometimes the web page will close due to the time it takes, was wondering the best way to go about opening the webpage back up and continue the process where it left off before the page was closed down.

Whenver u typed the data from excel to webpage , before typing use element exists activity to check the presence of any element in logged in screen, if not then do the login part and starts doing the typing the name details into the webpage


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What I understand from your problem statement is, you are facing session time out and somehow you need to keep your session alive, Is that correct ?

Yes that is correct the session will time out and I would have to go through es again.

I would have to go through the process all over again


There is a chrome extension " GitHub - snytkine/staying_alive: Chrome Extension to keep session alive with background requests "

Try if you can implement this on your browser

or try this

Tab Session Manager - Chrome Web Store

Is there a different solution for this issue?

@NATHAN_MORA You need to build bot in someway that your session should not stay idle, What i can suggest you is to use some activity in parallel like inject JS, and inject a Js that will check for page load or a do a page refresh.
Note: Make sure you do not inject JS while working on UI