Excel two sheet reconciliation

Hi Guys,

I need to reconcile 2 excel sheets (from 2 different files). The sheets are very simple and can vary day to day (row count and values) hence requiring a reconciliation. I want to automate this process. I am thinking that I use something like the following but not sure of the code:

For each amount in sheet1, column2
Difference = (sheet2, column3)-amount

(then I need to mark/highlight any differences, and run the reconciliation the opposite direction)>

For each amount in sheet2, column3
Difference = (sheet1, column2)-amount

Ultimately the end result will be an additional column in both sheet1 and sheet2 with the differences for each record.

I see that this may have been solved here > https://www.uipath.com/kb-articles/compare-two-columns-in-excel
, but I cannot download the code (it seems I do not have access to google drive; how can I get this?)

Thanks in advance!!:smile:


Please find attached downloaded example.

Comare Two Columns.zip (8.7 KB)

Note - it’s just the package from the link there, no modifications from my side.

Good luck!