Excel to the Website and Paste the Values Into a Different Excel

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I will write the values ​​in the row in Excel to the website and paste the values ​​into a different Excel. Can you help me?

Hi @ridvanucok
Can u explain ur requirement well?

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I have an excel file. Copy the data in each cell of column A of this excel file, paste it into the ‘Ünvan’ field on https://eoda.izto.org.tr/web/uye_firmalar_yeni.aspx?id=286 and click the search button numbered 2 in the picture. I will click on the export to Excel button numbered 3. I will open the downloaded file from the download bar in the Google Chrome browser and move all the data except the title to the Excel named Istanbul Ticaret Odasi.xlsx.

  1. Use the Wait for Download file and give the name of the file what u want then you don’t need to read and write the same data just to change the title…


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I did the project with the activity you mentioned. Thank you.