Excel to form

I am filling out a form using an excel and for each row, it already does

Now, how can I say if one cell is the same as another? Fill out the entire form with all the Excel data once and if it is different, do it one by one.


In this case, if column number is the same, I will have to put in the form all the data in the name column

If both name and number are same, then you need to skip the duplicate else you need to write all the values right? You can use remove duplicates activity which will help you remove all the duplicates in the excel so that you don’t need to check again while writing in the form

the number is the same but the name is always different then taking into account this in the form you must enter both names in the same field and not do it “n” times through the rows

If you have two names with the same number, you need to enter both the names in the form right? @Ivan_torres_oliva, Then you need to filter based on the number using filter data table activity after reading the data from excel, then looping that, enter the values into form

I’ll try thanks