Excel string with prepending @ to the value - wrong if activity result

When I copy the value from excel, the @ sign appears before the value and how can I fix it?


the @ is indicating that it is a verbatim string and is not part of value

I don’t understand, so what should I do? In excel, I just copy the value in the cell and that’s it.

so do you see afterwards the @ in excel or not?

As mentioned above:

No I can not see. Look, I’m sending you a photo of excel, here I get D3 with the “copy selected text” command. When I receive it, it shows @IADEin the background whereas it should just be IADE. prepends @.

we only can see it, when referring to the excel expression box, but this screenshot we don’t have.

Some users reported some scenarios where this happen, but the replication on other sides did not create the same result. So this case was hard to catch.

However as shown:
@ is not part of the content

When writing to Excel:
some quick and dirty approach could be to add a ’ before the value as it forces excel to explicitly treat it as text.

Feel free to share your xaml and other helpfully resources with us. So a replication of the issue can be driven by us

Downloads.zip (9.2 KB)

Thank you very much for your help. I await their return.

when checking the excel we dont have a prepending @

as above mentioned the @ is indicating the verbatim string and is not part of the value

Inspecting the result from copy selected text we do see a line break
closing quote on next line

Therefore the cari_tip=“IADE” statement fails:

But when we trim it will work as intended:

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