I want to get a field as string but instead getting @ involved in that string value

For e.g. if some variable has value as 890 it;s taking it as
@" 890
Please help

You’re seeing this during debug, in the Locals panel, right? It doesn’t mean the @ is part of the value. Add a Log Message activity to your code and put just the variable in it, and then run your automation. You’ll see what the actual value is.

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your case is similar to following:

the linebreak is causing the prepended @, but @ is not part of the value. Just trim it with yourVarName.Trim

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yourVarName.Trim >>> This worked…thank you so much :slight_smile: for such a detailed explanation
as it’s length was also showing as 4 instead of 3 …after trimming it is coming correctly as 3…

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