Excel sheet connected to other and we have to take out data from it after double clicking

Hi guys ,

We having data in main sheet in pivot tables and if you click on it for processing
So it wll open new sheet which connected to then for data processing then we have to collect that connected openly sheet data and process

And again go back to main sheet and agian click on next cell then it will again open new sheet which connected to that cell after double clicking only it will be open
And after processing that data again back to main sheet
So this will continued in the scenario

And one more thing is that in main sheet that connected sheet not be presented before you double clicking on cell for opening that sheet ,

So please help me out on it

Hi @Amar_Bhanvase ,

Could you show us a Screenshot of the Excel Sheet ? Also the value present in one of the Cells which you have to click.

Maybe we could perform this operation in the Background, once we get to know what are the files being used.


If you are on Table sheet as above
And you double click on A2 cell or value 1
It will go to sheet 2 as below attached

so we have to take data from sheet 2 and process it and go back to Table sheet again for continuing same process

And one more thing is that when you’re in Table sheet the sheet2 not visible below
After double clicking only it will be open

Above one i created for your reference only

So we need to do above process
Please check

I resolved it by code

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