Double click Excel cell


I am trying to do a double click a cell in an Excel file.
I have a solution that is semi-functional, i do a select range and after that i do a double click using a selector that just has page information and that’s it.
Would appreciate if you could help me find something that it’s a bit more reliable.


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Hi Ioana,
Are you trying to edit the cell? I ask because you can try two options. The first is to send a “Click” and have the Click Type be “Click_Double”.


The other option is to send Hotkey and use “F2”.


Just some quick ideas.


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Hi @Ioana_Iacob,
Can you explain ? What is the situation to double click the cell . If possible ?



I have a pivot table and i have to double click a cell in the pivot table do it’s going to generate me a new sheet with results.
Solved the issue by doing a select range with the cell name, sent hotkeys f10 + shift keys to Excel and afterwards i clicked “Show details”.

Thanks for your suggestions,
Will attach an workflow later on.

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Thanks for sharing the context of your question.


Can you please attach te workflow, I am facing a similar challenge and also how will you iterate it through each row so it gives double click to each cell

Hi, I need to double click in an existing excel sheet (present in Desktop) which only have column names (without cell data) . I am unable to double click in the cell. After double click, one new form will open and there i need to choose the value and click on OK button. The selected value will appear in the excel cell.

So, the excel sheet is getting downloaded from a website and it is present in desktop now. In that excel sheet i need to enter data and need to submit it. The excel sheet will uploaded back to the website.
I am unable to record the excel sheet operations.

Please let me know how to automate Double Click for excel sheet in UIPath.

Thank You!!

Could you please attach workflow

Could anyone please help me for double click within excel

Hi ,

Welcome to UiPath Community.

Can you please elaborate on the purpose?

Thank you

Hi @balupad14
I need to click a pivot cell which opens Sheet1.
Need to then use few of its column for some calculation purpose.
I was able to achieve this by sending two hot keys .First one Shift+F10 and then second HotKey E.

It still not resolved
Please someones look into it