Excel remove activities

In excel data I need to remove the last two row
So what can do now in filterdata tar or filtered table
Please give me the scenario also.

Use filter datatable
and use condition as
uploadquatation = “Upload to AX”

and use remove row option

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Where I drop remove row option

U already did it in screen shot

But still not remove that

Now u can write that datatable in new sheet u will get data without that rows which contains “Upload to AX”

I done it but it’s not worked still

HI @siva_sankar,

You have 2 options to delete the last 2 rows.

First one.
- Use find last row index activity

  • Use the delete activity from here.

Second option :

  • Use find activity with the word “Upload to AX” . It will return the row indexes.
  • Use the delete activity from here.

Thank you

If you are write it on that sheet only then it will show as previous as last two rows of previous data is still there
write it in another sheet using write range
Or u can use as @balupad14 suggested.

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I did that also but still not changed in other sheet also

share your workflow.

demo.zip (32.1 KB)

here it is the workflow zip file

Did you solved that issue???

sorry i just saw

ok please make it for me i am struggling with this

demo.zip (32.9 KB)
try this

Hi @siva_sankar

Actually der is one blank space infront of the word in excel
Like this " Upload to AX"

I have updated the workflow now and it is giving output also that you want.
Updated demo.zip (38.4 KB)

Output :-

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