How can I remove text from end part of a excel doc


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If the empty line before is constant you can use that as index for row removal and for added validation you can check empty column one.

In case solution is unclear to you please happen some excels, I will give you xaml file


Is the unwanted data always come in the same rows?

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  1. use the Find last row activity from below. It will return the row index which you have used the last row.

Here is the video demo :

  1. Use the delete row activity from here.

Here is the demo :


Hi Thanks very much for your post but this is unclear to me. could you please send me the xaml file.

Here is sample logic w.r.t. excel
test123.xlsx (9.7 KB) DeleteExtraFromExcel.xaml (9.5 KB)

Thanks very very much for your help.
I have also posted another question regarding excel. Could you please look into it and help me with that.

Here is link to the question - Delete Zero from Column 2 in Excel

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