Excel Read Dynamic Value

I need to extract the count 25, the Total Count row is Dynamic, How can i extract the dynamic value.?


Use lookup range activity to find the Total Count cell address.

In your case, the output of this activity is “A4”.

Extract the row number from the output and use read cell activity with a value: “B” + extractedValue.ToString

Karthik Byggari

Hi @arivazhagan_mathivan,

I’ll suggest you to read range and use Lookup DataTable activity by setting its parameters as given in below shot,


it’ll search value —> total count in cloumn1 (index 0) and then get count from column2 (index 1). :slight_smile:


You can use read range and get the datatable them use for each row loop. Inside for each row loop use if condition if row(0).rostering=Total Count then get that index and break the loop and you will get index value and use read cell activity then you can add “B”+Index value