Filter some data in excel file


I have an excel file, which contains multiples rows, but some rows contains the same number, what i need to do, it’s to do each thing related to that exact number, which means if it’s for example number 1, i ll do what need to be done for all the onces contains number 1, than later goes to number 2… Etc

Some ideas ?


Hi @maroua301

You have to check for 1 column or for all columns…thanks


I will try to explain better what’s my issue, I have an Excel file, which contains mulipltes values, which most of them are the same, for the first column. Which also, i will be using later.

What i have to do, is on each row, i take the value on the first column, enter it on an application, do some stuff and save it on the application. BUT if the value of the first row and first column is duplicated on more column, i have to process all that rows which have the same value before i save my work. If the value changes, i save and start over again with the new value. I hope this clears it for you.

I though about counting the duplicate values and map it to the other columns, than do the same of all other rows the same way. But couldn’t find the right way to do.

TEST.xlsx (19.3 KB)


looks like it can be done with the help of grouping the data:

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Yea though about this, i saw one of your previous answers on the forum, you did almost the same thing.

I ll give it a look and try to use it.

I will get back to you once done.


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