Excel: Read Column

How do I input results from an excel column to a variable. For example, the Read Column activity has a field in properties called Result. This is where I assume my column data will go to. Am I wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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type datatable.toString and assign into a string variable

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No luck. Still getting a conversion error.

read column is a iCollection data type you must create a datatable with that

Right on.
As Result datatype is IEnumerable you just need to use ForEach loop and inside the loop
assign columnVar=item.tostring. Now columnVar has the result of the column.


Hi @ddpadil

i have tried same what you have suggested. no luck.

if possible can you please provide example file.

Thanks in advance

Hello @akula_sumalatha

I found it easier to capture the entire range of an excel workbook using Read Range Activity and put that into a DataTable, say that table is named ‘ClientData’. Then, in a For Each Activity, (for each Item in ClientData), use Assign Activity as (ControlNumber=Item(1).ToString) to capture data from column B (referenced using ‘Item(1)’, columns start at 0), to a variable called 'ControlNumber, which may be your actual column name in excel file or any other desired name. If that’s confusing, I can put together a simple workflow?

Could you please send a sample file with your solution?

Hi, @Geek.
I’m facing your same problem in saving the excel columns.
Which is the Type Argument of the item in the For each Activity that you mentioned in the post above?
Thank you.

Can you send a sample of this ?