Excel - Read Cell - Variable Type


What is the variable type to use in the Output Result for Read Cell?

I tried different Variable types but I keep getting an error message


Hey @selrac

By default it is Generic.For more info can you hover on that exclamatory icon?
Even you can use string, int32 as well.
But if you have changed it and still showing error due to cached value. so remove that variable and saved it and reenter.



Its an argument of type generic.
When your not sure which data type variable to create its always the best practice to hit (ctl+K) shortcut key to generate variable.


String and int32 gives error also. The only one I found not to give error is object. See error detail below

Ctr+K is the first thing I did and created GenericValue, but gave me the error


@selrac - try what Aksh said. Empty the field, save, close the workflow. Then open it again, create the variable of your type and put it there (dont use Ctrl+K here, create and enter the name manually).
I’ve found similar to Aksh that sometimes caching values can play games with you and not allow correct types. While it may not 100% help with your issue, it’s at least worth a try.


even it does not require.

Only this will makes it work. and again just use it ctrl+space or start typing :slight_smile:



That worked. Thanks