What type of variable type have to assigning for read cell output?

Am filtering some data from input excel and storing those data to one more excel (Filtered), then am reading the filtered excel using Read cell activity. some time that cell contains the value as 23474, 8, 435.6 and some time that value is empty. so output value of read range should be in which variable type. Can any one help please.

Hi @vanithavs ,

You could use UiPath.Core.GenericValue as the Datatype for the Output variable. There are cases where if a strict datatype was used in Read Cell Activity it would result in an error, hence we stick to GenericValue type. We can do the Type casting or Check later with this type.


Hi @vanithavs

Variable type of

Read Range → System.Data.DataTable (Datatable)
Read Cell-> System.String (String)


I have used UiPath.Core.GenericValue as the datatype for output value, when the value is empty in excel it is showing error.

@vanithavs ,

What is the Error being shown ?


@vanithavs ,

If you were able to solve the issue, Could you let us know what was the Datatype set for the output argument of Read Cell Activity ?

So that others who refer the topic can have a clear idea on what was the solution you have used.

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