Excel pivot refresh

I am trying to refresh pivot table using “refresh pivot” activity. But when I do that, the filters in the pivot tables gets deselected. They need to remain selected for further report creation.

Please suggest reason and solution for this


This is something first time I seeing


I think that’s something can be managed with excel settings
Click on the filter option, choose Field settings:

  1. Go to Layout & Print tab, tick the checkbox of Show Items with no data:

Cheers @pandeypriyanka1312


After I did this change in pivot setting it brought some data which should not be there. Blank values.

Hi, this fix does not work unfortunately.

I have a pivot table with 34 PivotTable Fields selected.
When I refresh the table, it goes down to 26 selected Fields…

This is very annoying because each field has its own format that must be configured individually, so every time I have to refresh the table I have to add the 8 missing fields and format it manually and invidually…

Appreciate if you have any thoughts

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Hi There,
Did you ever get a fix? I am having the same issue. I am using the “modern pivot refresh” and it completely deselects all of the filters on my template.