Excel Pivots Filter - Select All

Hi All,

I have 3 pivots in an Excel File. Below is a sample one .


Bot has to Click on Id Filter(Highlighted) and make it select All instead of (Multiple Items) as shown below.

image .

Basically , the data for pivot is in some other sheet, I have to select all the Ids and refresh Pivots.

Build in Uipath Activity - Refresh Pivots only refreshes the Data.

Please Suggest some approaches , Any Hotkeys / Macros .

Do Excel have any formula atleast to open the Filter Menu.

Thanks in Advance


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Good morning Mukeshkala,

You should be able to accomplish this task quickly and easily with a small bit of VBA code:



Thanks a lot :blush:

Gave me an context.
Bookmarked page for future reference as well.


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