Excel: Need help to extract content of cell with Strikethrough text


Does someone has already done this type of work in UiPath? can you please help me to get below cell content.

I want it in array format, as I need to iterate it for further processing.

For column “B”, I want text in array and it should ignore strike through text.

I’m expecting something like below:

Selected Values - {“Cell Phone”, “Voip Phone”, “Gtalk”, “Landline”}
Ignored Values - {“Skype Call”, “WhatsApp”}

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi @kuldip.gohil,

Please excuse for the Input data I have used. You can do this in the following way;

  1. Use Excel Application scope and get the data from the cell as shown below.
  2. Use Goole OCR engine to get the Data for the Visible region asshown below:
  3. Now compare these two output data to get the Selected and Ignored Values



Thansk Vikas, I’m using “Get OCR Text” activity and using Google as OCR engine. but getting below output. Its not comparable, probably issue with OCR engine, its not recognizing text properly

Another point is, my text will be not visible always (it may be somewhere down in excel sheet)

Hi All,

Is there any other approach here that can work better?

Problem in above suggested approach is:

  1. My text is not visible always (even I prefer not to open excel sheet)
  2. OCR is not recognizing text properly.

Tagging Other guys who are very active in uipath forum - @badita @aksh1yadav @beesheep @Lucas.Pimenta @vikas_reddy_Vicky - Guys please let me know if you’ve any idea on how to achieve this…

Thank you!

I think this guy @andrzej.kniola will guide you and probably us as well on this :slight_smile:


Hi @kuldip.gohil,

I found an alternative solution, it may be useful to you…

Write an excel macro and call that macro from Run Excel Macro Activity…

It will display the values which are not having strike on value…

Plz be revert with response…:slight_smile:


Using OCR is not a good solution here. Ultimately there isn’t an easy way for UiPath to recognise that these cells are struck out. Furthermore you have all the text in one cell rather than split out to make it easier to work with.

@sankar.kuna’s macro approach is your best bet if it works for data within the same cell but I wouldn’t be going near this for automation until the format of the data is setup in a more appropriate manner.


Dear @sankar.kuna,

Macros will give Boolean output if the content in the cells are in single line(Is the case which you have done). where as @kuldip.gohil had multiple lines in 1 cell to which macro is not able to read them.


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I completely agree. Input structure is the issue here.

There is a possible workaround, but its ugly…
Save the file as html and process it as a webpage - read tables inner html, split it by tr and td, then check class tags for formatting. Reading as dt will not work as it strips formatting.

But thats way more work than it should be. Best bet is work on input structure.

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Hi All,

We’re changing approach, We will create excel macro that will simplify data in different cell.


Can we consider this as a UiPath/Automation challenge?

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No. UiPath should not be changing their software to accommodate poorly designed processes. If they do this then eventually there will be a world full of these processes and UiPath’s brand name will suffer as a result.

There are far more important areas that UiPath should be focussing on.


@richarddenton - Agree