Check text formatting in Excel

Hi, how do I detect if text in Excel has Strikethrough formatting?

I think the easiest way would be by injecting VBA code Font.Strikethrough property (Excel) | Microsoft Learn

I’m not too familiar with macros and VBA… is there another way to do this?

I do not see a simple one, as UiPath doesn’t know how to interact with individual cells (i.e. clicking)

Could you provide a sample workflow and macro? Thanks

Input: cell location, Output: boolean contains strikethrough formatting

All the information needed is in the link provided.
As for UiPath part, you have the documentation here as well as a sample to test it.

Sub TestStrike()
    If Range("B4").Font.Strikethrough Then
        MsgBox "Cell B4 is Strikethrough"
    End If
End Sub