Excel matching and write to column

Attached is a excel sheet. Sheet one has user names and number columns and sheet two has user names and a number columns. Sheet 1 has user names that match names in sheet 2. I need to read the user name in sheet 1 and if that name matches the name in sheet 2 it needs to copy the number from the number column to the number column in sheet 2.

For example:
The first name in sheet 1 is Johnson, Lamar and the number in the number column is N0259460. For every Johnson , Lamar in sheet 2 copy the NO259460 to the number column in sheet 2 and do the same for each name. Could somebody provide a quick workflow on this?

bboktest.xlsx (10.0 KB)

heres a solution, (no exception handling whatsoever but its a quick solution)
Sequence.xaml (8.2 KB)



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please check
use two for each row for two sheets
in inner for each row use if activity to check the condition
row.item(“User Name”).ToString = row1.item(“User Name”).ToString
thank you.