Excel Language

I have an excel file which I’m manipulating, click in file, save as, etc.
when other person uses that excel is in another language, the bot don’t click right, because it doesnt understand that file = arquivo (English and Portuguese) and etc.
I want to know if someone had this problem and how to solve.
most of all I need to check what is the language of excel file that user is opening.

thank you

Is there a need to use manual activities to save the excel file?

The ‘Excel Scope’ activity has an option to save the file after any activities that affect the contained data.

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Hello Thomas
Actually no don’t need to open the Excel.
It’s a file that I downloaded and want to save in another folder with another name. And I don’t have the current name when I open it. I open through Excel file image

hi @Andre_Pavei,

So As I undestand - Your problem lies with the Text of the Button.

You can omit the text frrom the selector and Make it generic. Below is a sample for Save As Button - as you notice the selector has no SaveAs Textxt" . You can add or remove more attributes to make it a good Selecor.

Suggest : Open UiExplorer and Get the Selector of both the Save As and analyse them - Try keeping the Same one and omit the “Text”. Once Finalised - Validate the Selector with both the Files.

Please take care of the idx fields in selectors - Too Many Idx can break the selectors.


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Tks my friend, I will try to remove the name.

Do you know a way to change it “massively” without going selector by selector changin it at each step on the workflow? I created my Workflow before knowing it so I have a lot of steps to correct now. :sweat_smile:

hi @Airun,

If my understanding is correct you want to update multiple selectors at once… I am not sure if there is a way we can accomplish it . However i can suggest you a way - IF you are aware of the exact text/ attribute in selector you want to omit or replace in multiple xaml’s file.

You can simply open xaml in a text editor such as Notepad++ and do a Copy and replace.


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Thanks @mukeshkala, but it was not the case, finally I repaired all the selectors one by one.