Excel insert row

on behalf of data. i want to insert row in excel…row is dynamic coming from the arrugments
image Splits_Rover_Staging_2019.xlsx (35.8 KB)

already try , not working…month se variable… and the add dow is dynamic,it can be 2 rows it can be 3 rowetc

Pass the dynamic value as a INT32 variable in “NoRows” field.

Hi @ashishmani
Use this lin

DT.rows.Indexof((From res in dt.Select where res(“MONTHLY WORKSHEET FOR SPLIT LEASES”).ToString.Lower.contains(“COMMENTS”) select res).ToList(0)

use the dt with assign activity

ashwin S

excel_date_time.xaml (30.1 KB)

plzzz check it…

this locatation 1 and location 2 is the datatable… coming from build datatable table or from excel

this is not as easy, please check my xaml…thanks

is their is some who tell me right solution

I hope you want to add some columns based on the condition right @ashishmani?

Can you let us know what is that condition? May be based on that, you can read the excel data and store in a data table and then you can add the rows based on the condition

their is some total value, for every month…which is called loaction( location 1, location 2…)
when thier is data of jan then i want to insert the location beside the barrels. if their is data of feb than i insert column beside the feb(barrels)…location is dynamic,some time its have 2 rows some time its have 3 rows repectivily

plzz go though to my xaml also…and excel file too

In the excel you have provided, there is no total value for any month. so how can we analyze where do the columns added? The requirement is unclear for me yet :slight_smile:, I think your explanation is right, but I’m not understanding it completely. Can you post some steps like how you want to check?

Hi @ashishmani

Use select range activity and try to split the values like Strout.split(environment.newline, StringSplitoptions.none)


Dest have 2 or more than 2 varaible, which is called location( here location is L6121 and Location 6511
this come to one row, in second row we have to mention add of Location from Net BBls.sort_Excel.zip (655 Bytes)
this xaml i already made…we have to match date from date column… we take only july-2019, aug-2019…like this…

can any one help me this

any one have solution