Excel - insert into - execute non query database

Hi- I am exploring DataBase options and need guidance to insert data into excel sheet (execute non query)

Connection tested and working when displayed no. of rows

Attaching images of error


Execute_Non qry1 Execute_Non qry2

Hi @gsripada
can you try it using it insert query within for each loop

Ashwin S

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Can you show the connection string you pass ?

i think you are missing the column names there… like this:
INSERT INTO [Sheet1$] (Username, Password) VALUES ('Leaptest', 'Password')

connection string1 connection string2

excel file


  1. Excel file where I want to insert data
  2. Connection String
    3.Selection of excel file to build connection string

Thanks for the help

SQL DataBase Academy.zip (14.2 KB)

ExcelAsDatabase_Example.zip (18.3 KB)

Refer to the above example. Also, this page was a big help.

Thank you for your help.

I also figured that while building connection and after selecting excel file, there is an option as Read Only if you uncheck that the execute non query will work.


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