Excel inquiry

I’m actually on week 1 trying to figure out why I’m not able to see an excel file when creating a bot. Will someone help me?

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Hi @Mendez_Rachel_A - could you be more specific? Where or at what point do you not see an excel file?


I have many questions.

First, I need assistance when trying to create an RPA during one of the exercises. The example was Enter a New Supplier. How do I get immediate assistance? I thought the benefit of taking this course was to get help right away. Also, I’m not sure how to view the solution once I download it. I think because the way the enterprise license is set up, I’m not able to view.

The second is it possible for programs or software can get a UiPath extension if it’s currently not listed under Tools?

Lastly, is any of the training eligible for CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits?

I appreciate your help in advance.

Hi @Mendez_Rachel_A ,

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Using this activity, you can create an excel file.

Check this video

sample :