Excel formula in Write Cell


Hi all,

I’m trying to write a Countif formula in a particular cell.

So first I write the particular parameter in cell AE1 (To postpone)
Then I write the countif in cell AE2.

I keep getting the message:

What did I do wrong?

Write Cell - Formula Not Calculating

Hey @DelOli

Tried like this A<Row Number>?

It is inside citrix or local?

Local- It is working for me.
For your reference:

For citrix you can follow: Navigate to the column by using Hot key ‘ctrl+g’ and with type into and enter go there then you can use “type into” with “k[enter]” or enter hot key as a separate.

let me know if you have any doubts on this.



Local for now.

“=SUM()” works fine, but the “=COUNTIF()” doesn’t.


Hey @DelOli

It is working for me :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot! So the solution: use , instead of ;


How do i add “" in the string e.g. =CONCAT(A1,"”,B1)


Use Chr(34) or three time double quote “”" which gives One Double quote Output

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