How to add Countif formlua to an Excel column


Hi all
I have an excel sheet which has a column UiD - i need to add CountIf formula to the entire column - any suggestions other than the Hotkeys method??

Thanks in advance…


if column UiD index is constant , you can use excel template where formula defined in template !!


Hi @shaileshpathak,
Here i have attached a sample that to add the custom formula . May be it helps you.

File : (8.9 KB)



Hi @RAJU_KADARI - You mean, i Write the formula in one Excel template and later write that to the existing Excel sheet ??


@balupad14 - i need to add =Countif(B:B,B2) - when i use the approach you suggested it doesnt really help me in writing it to the cell.


yes, store excel in perticular location and when you writing to excel just copy to other location and write datatable :slight_smile: