Excel filtering #N/A

Hi all,

I have a query.

I have two excels I have done vlookup and saving the vlookup data in excel1 under column D now I need to filter the columnD with #N/A values and store in DT.

I am using filter data table and gave condition column name =“#N/A” but it’s not working I am not getting the expected output as #N/A is a formula

Can anyone help me.

Thanks in advance

Hi @0bb4628e217fd43ac86ac9294 ,
Please give this a try:
As you say, the column consists of “#N/A”, so add a condition to the existing filter. ex: And columnD-does not contain “Random”.

this may help as well:

Hi @0bb4628e217fd43ac86ac9294

Can you try below


@0bb4628e217fd43ac86ac9294 ,

Try this.

After reading Excel, the NA values ​​on the control column come as less than zero, so you can filter as less than zero in the filter data table.It works this way


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Hi @0bb4628e217fd43ac86ac9294

Try this:

Hope it will helps you :slight_smile: