Excel Filter


I have a excel sheet with columns as string format. I load these data in DT and tried to do filter using time format which is not working.

Start_Time end_Time
8:00:15 8:00:59
8:02:25 8:02:55
8:10:00 8:10:45

Now i need to filter the Excel with time between 8:00:00 - 08:05:00
I read the data from Excel and load into a table. Then i set defalut view to DataVie
dataView.RowFilter = “(Start_Time >”‘+DT_Start+"’ and Start_Time < ‘“+DT_End+”’)"

Try to filter datatable @PKK, Datatable.filter("Start_Time>’ “+DT_Start+” ’ and Start_Time<’ “+DT_End+” ’ ") and assign it to String variable