Excel Filter column X and Get the value for Column Y

Please see my scenario below and help me if you can.

Step 1 : Excel file has data columns A to P
Step 2 : Column P Filter : remove rows which has “abcd”
Step 3 : Get the values from Column D (Multiple rows are there , non static number of rows)
Step 4 : Need to process each of the values of Column D on website portal.
Step 5 : IF process success then Update the value on same row but column P.
Step 6 : Else Need to update “Error” on same row but column P.


While iterating through the data table, you can update column P after you perform a condition check on column D.

If you face any Concurrent access exception then probably you can create a variable with DataRow and assign it with the current row then update column P based on your check.

Hope this solution helps you!! Happy automation!!

I completed the process till step 3.
Can you provide me sample flow from step 4 to 6.



You can get the value from the column using read range activity and in the range provide the particular column.

Then use a for each row in datatable and do the ui action.
Then to update you can use the below expression.

the below expression should be kept in both if else and then block.
if failure, value to update will be error.

dt.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) r(“columnName1”).ToString =“YourData”).ToList.ForEach(
r(“Column2”)=r(“value to update”).ToString
End Sub

Ok, I will try this and let you know.