Excel fill range from a specific row

I am trying to use the “Fill Range” activity to populate an Excel worksheet’s column using Excel’s SUMIF function. Now that my first row contains headers, I want the range fill to happen from the second row.

  • In Where to Write, I can’t seem to use options like <SheetName>D2:D as it results in a not found error
  • D:D works but it writes values from the first row
  • Ideally, I would like to use only the filled rows and not until the end of the worksheet as D2:D would probably do if it worked, but I am not aware of how to limit that.

Hello @gischethans
Try this


HI @gischethans

Use only D2 and try once.



I had tried that. It just fills D2. @Gokul_Jayakumar

Try this
Use Read range activity without header and range from D2, stored as DT variable.
Use Fill range activity with


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