Hi all. I want to fill data in the specific excel sheet. How can i write next empty cell from specific cell

Assume, i have data till cell “AA20”. i want to fill data in the next empty row. How cam i do please help me?

you can use append range, will work in this case

Hi @Rambabu_N ,
You can use index, you create a int32 variable intIndex
you can get last index you have data, next row it index+1
write cell data
AA20–> AA+intIndex.toString()


thank you. but next cell is “AB20” how can i find column “AB”?

You have a excel file, after read file you have data table,
if you want find A,B, …AA, BB… you can base on tilte of column,
ex: row(“examle”)
data.rowcount → last index
next row is index+1

Hi @Rambabu_N

Try this:
=> Read Range:

  • Input: “Sheet1” (or the name of your sheet)
  • Output: Create a DataTable variable, let’s call it “dtData”

=> Assign activity:

  • To: Int32 variable, let’s call it “nextRowIndex”
  • Value: dtData.Rows.Count + 21

=> For Each:

  • Values: dtData.Columns

=> Write Cell:

  • Input: “Sheet1”
    CurrentColumn.ColumnName + nextRowIndex.ToString(Your data value for the current column)
  • This writes your data to the corresponding cell in the next row

Hope it helps!!