Excel file to string array

i am try in extract excel different column to store in array. can anyone help?

You need to add the column values into an array right?

Use read column activity which will read the values and store it in a list of ienumerables or then you need to loop it and add it to array using for each activity . But you need to initialize the array with the length of list you got before adding the values to the array

yes , i want to add column values into an array
i am trying to read column an store to in it list but its failed sol please help me…
explain with steps and syntax.

Can you post the screenshots of whatever you tried so far so that I will let you know where you are missing?

i got the solution for excel file to string array . but now i am trying extract this array value and it used in one application. please suggest any idea.
check screenshot.

You need to loop through the array using for each activity and use it wherever required @monikanimbalkar. Are you facing any issue? In the screenshot, you are just reading the excel. Not sure where you are assigning the value to array and then using it in the activity