Excel File Data Copying Taking a Long Time


I am trying to accomplish this:
For each row in Excel File A(Has ~725 Rows), Read Column1 and compare it Excel File B (Has ~600 Rows) Column1. If they are equal, replace Excel File B Column1 with Excel File A Column2.

I am currently using nested for each row activities and an If statement. It works, but when I added a write line activity, you can see it takes about 45 seconds to get through each row in Excel File A. Extrapolating, that would be around 9 hours to run.

Is there something I can do to to speed up this process? Some other method that I am over looking?

Thanks for the help.


Instead of directly doing on exce…you cna try reading the data into datatable and then modify and then write whole of data back using write range…that would be faster

Also your case looks like a typical look up…you can using the formula on excel directly instead od checking and updating …so you can write a formul and use auto fill range


Hi @Marc_Sciarrino ,

You can use DataTable and compare the data.
If you want quick actions then go for VBA or vbs script. It works super fast.

Pavan Kumar

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