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Hello Team,

I have two excels files.

One excel contains user email id’s
second one contains user names.

By referring second excel I need to use email id’s from first excel and need to send emails too.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


It’s better if you share the input and required output samples


Hello @Srini84 ,

I have uploaded two sample excels.

Excel1 contains Name, Company, EMail ID.
Excel2 contains Company,Cc

Requirement:- If company matches with Excel2 then BOT has to pickup the Cc email to send email along with Email id which is in Excel1.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Excel 1.xlsx (9.5 KB)
Excel2.xlsx (9.5 KB)


You can use Join datatable activity

Hope this will help you


  1. Read excel 1 and excel2 as datatables(dt1 and dt2)
  2. If you to send mail to all the companies use join datatable to join dt1 and dt2 with company as condition (use inner join)
    3.the resultant datatable will have both cc and company name.
    Send mail accordingly

@Srini84 @Lak_Ui Thanks to both. Will try and update you here. :slight_smile: