Excel Datatable if value is Null or Empty


i have excel datatable as input file… in that input file some fields is Empty.


  1. if cell is empty check the excel or datatable (dt2) any value is found file fill the output excel…

  2. not in dt2 that time fill the cell valuse as 0 (zero) on output excel

  3. Remove the Duplicates base on “Column 13” in excel sheet

for your reference attached all attachment
Input file.
input.xlsx (13.2 KB)

Ouput (This is i required using UiPath)
Ouput.xlsx (11.0 KB)

How to do it based on activity or script. Please suggest me…


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Hey @Shyam_Pragash

I can understand that you need to manipulate some date in the input excel based on null values.

But sorry, It’s a bit unclear to understand the entire conditional steps you want to perform.

Kindly explain.


Hi @Nithinkrishna

See… Those excel are done using vlookup to insert the data and to replace the empty cell in the input file…

Those activities are done in automation… i doesnt where i am going to start…

  1. See the different in input and output file… if any information items missing the output sheet. Those data in Main Excel file have to interlink output

vlookup formula:
1.=IFERROR(LOOKUP(B3,‘VRM Details’!C:E),“-”) —Column 3–look to main data file…(data Validation)
2.=+IF(VLOOKUP($M3,Raw!$M:$BN,AW$1,0)=“”,“0”,VLOOKUP($M3,Raw!$M:$BN,AW$1,0))—Find emply cell replace to 0

like that i used many forumala to very and recheck the data

How to do it…