Deleting cell values - Error: Input string was not in a correct format



I am working on this new project on excel. I completed the workflow, now I am into testing my project. The scenario is:

I am having an excel file without any blank cells (all cells are filled with datas). Once I run the workflow I am getting the output ie the sum of the numbers in the excel. Now I tried by deleting on of my cell values and tried running the workflow, unfortunately, I am ending up with an error " Input string was not in a correct format" . I really need to troubleshoot this. I would like to trouble shoot this error and if there is any blankcells in the excel it should print something like INVALID

Thanx in advance guys…


Use read range activity to read the spread sheet existent rows. The output is a datatable.

You can use “for each row” to iterate your datatable rows.

To get first 1st column value use row(0) for second column row(1) and so on.

To check if column is empty check row(0) = Nothing in if condition.


@ddpadil Thanx for the help!! Btw, tried doing so. I already had a FOR loop in my workflow. I put the IF within that. But not getting as expected. I need to check the whole excel whether there is any blank cells. So I guess in condition if we put row(0) it should not work right? i am attaching my recent edited workflow as you suggested. getting an error.