Excel Data Vanished after running the program with Read Cell command

I wrote a program to read the contents from an excel using Read Cell command. The excel file had 4 sheets with different names ( Master, Ganesh, Shivaraj, Shashank). While in the program by mistake I had given read cell from sheet1.
After running this program entire data in the excel vanished (Data of all 4 sheets) and all 4 sheets were replaced by one sheet with the name sheet 1.

Can anybody help me how to get back my data? I tried many options like previous version, Recycle bin etc but none worked.

@Ganeshcv Can you Show us the Workflow that you have used or send the xaml file? I don’t think the data that is manipulated can be brought back up but can you try this link :


Also if you have used only read Cell or Read Range, I dont think it will be causing such a Problem :sweat_smile:

Below is the simple program i have written.


@Ganeshcv Yes, That Shouldn’t cause any kind of modification to your Excel file .

@supermanPunch Yes as you said it should not, but my entire work sheet was replaced by one sheet called “Sheet 1”. I have not done any changes or modifications other than running the program. I am really surprised. Hope i dont get back my valuable data.

If you are not able to get previous data sheet using previous versions, recycle bin folder or unsaved workbook option. So you may try third party data recovery program stellar data recovery free edition. It’s a completely free utility and recover deleted excel files data efficiently. You may try and check it works in your case or not.