RE: Redaing data from different Sheets

If I Dont Have Excel Installed in My System Then Is this Possible to Extract Sheet Names From Excel File?

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Hi @IK5295,
This is one of possible way:

Your For Each loop need to have item set as String type:
And this is the result:

@Pablito I Tried this Method But I dont Have Excel in my System…

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Sorry for misunderstanding. You can try this method. However is not efficient and official by any way. I’m just reading content as a raw text and using regex searching for sheetnames. But this can work slowly if excel file is bigger I guess:

Then you need to remove duplications but it shouldn’t be hard.

Thank You… @Pablito I tried this But This method is not giving Exact Output or Not Reading Excel as a Text also …

Well it probably depends on which excel version the file has been saved. In my case it’s Excel 365 and If I will open xlxs data through notepad I can clearly see that among many unknown characters I can see excel sheet names followed by the “worksheets” word.
I’m not sure how is it in your case. I only showed you that it is possible to get this without excel. Just experiment :slight_smile:

Thank You… @Pablito I got different Method on Forum That Method is giving Exact Output…
once again Thank you for Helping …
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