Excel data row copy

excel1 (1).xlsx (9.4 MB)

this is my excel file

these was the full explanation of my process is given below:-

in that sheet1 excel file we have to take last 5 data of every colume
it means in the excel file there will be group of 3 colume after 1 colume is blue colour partetion
so in every 3 colume we have to take last 5 data of every partition

like these we did not take blank data only we have to complete full row data taken and paste into excel file like

we have to copy all the colume means in excel file there will be 3 column partition so we have to take all the colume one by one to group of 3 that’s why data is more than 5 row

First 5 row data in the output file is first 3 colume group

After 5 row data is after partition 3 group of colume group

Next also 5 row data is after partition
So we have to take all the last 5 d

please guyes can you help me to do these projectata of row

these is the output file
output.xlsx (29.5 KB)

and these screenshot i attch for your better explanation

this was output image

and these was excel file image
in that image these data was first 3 colume group before partition

after that these was second colume group after partition

after that these was third colume group after third partition

so there will be many colume group are given we have to take all the colume data in the excel file

please guyes help me for these process
if anybody do then send me a xmal file please

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Hi @purnima_mandan ,

Just a quick question,

How do you want to proceed with this scenario of having the first column blank but the second and third have data in it…

Trying to figure out a solution for your scenario.

so we dont have to take blank data we have to only take the full row

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@MdFuadHasan please help me

hey @purnima_mandan

I hope this workflow serves your purpose.

ExcelDataRowCopy.zip (362.4 KB)

Note: just replace the excel1.xlsx file in the Data folder with your original one. Couldn’t upload with it due to file size.

The workflow generates the output file which looks like this:

All the values in the output are in String format. If you need them in other format (e.g. DateTime or Double), you can change the Data Type in Build DataTable and convert the data accordingly.


it will give these error after running


did you make any change to any parameter or variable in the workflow or build a new workflow?
Also, can you please confirm the input excel file has the data starting from A7 just like the provided file?
and also, may be you can check and match the package versions with it:

Let me know what happens next, cause I’m finding it working fine in different machines.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Me download your project and run it than output data in excel file was also come after that it will give error

@purnima_mandan Hello,
I have ran this workflow, it is running perfectly fine for me. Can we have a look upon your code file to make sure that everything is in place?

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Can you give me other method for these process
@MdFuadHasan @Sadmim_Hossain1
Because I have to show 2 method

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